I have failed at life in almost every traditional way but somehow have come out on top despite it all.

Recently I married the man of my dreams. The one I spent the last 10 cynical years telling myself couldn’t exist. I also have a four year old son and a one month old. We live in Shawnee, Kansas, where I spend my spare time being a nerd (i.e. playing World of Warcraft, Oblivion and Fable 2), listening to my husband talk about poker and StarCraft, cooking, eating, reading, and watching Netflix Instant Play.

I believe in the inherent goodness of people, but still curse bad drivers on the highway as though they slighted me intentionally and specifically.

The best movies always either make me cry or laugh so hard I pee. The best songs are perfect for listening to on a leisurely mid-summer Saturday afternoon drive, going absolutely no where. The best books make you hold your breath for entire chapters at a time. The best art makes you stare at it until it looks completely different. The best kisses take your breath away.

Life is too short for low thread count sheets, worrying about things you can’t change, settling for less than what you need, deserve, or what makes you happy.

I am painfully blunt but sincere. Both extremely laissez-faire and judgmental, an overbearing, controlling neat-freak and simultaneously sloppy. I’d choose painful truth over a pleasant lie any day, no matter the cost.

The most terrifying thing I’ve ever done is let myself be happy.


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